Refusenix to You

Blighty FlagAfter 5 years in the saddle, Comrades Sue and Trev are emigrating to the UK. So that’s nearly a wrap for Refusenix Racing! We’ve no more events in the pipeline, with Trevor heading to Blighty on September 14th and Sue following October 15th.
Obviously it’s not going to be at all practical to keep our local events calendar up to date and our club and trail information pages will become dated, so we’ll be pulling them fairly soon, rather than let them linger into stale irrelevance – definitely not the Refusenix way. Oh no, we demand only the freshest in irrelevance! With any luck, though, we’ll have the opportunity to extend the core Refusesenickery on the pages and maybe even maintain some kind of Euro blog – of little use to anyone and only interesting to diehard Refusenix – but there you have it!
But it’s not all bad (actually, maybe it’s all good – depends on your perspective…). With so many super-good people running fantastic events up and down the coast, we’re super pleased to see plenty of great, strong clubs picking up the cudgels and pumping out the fun – Coffs CC are taking the new look Pleasure and Pain to the people on October 18th and 19th 2014, Grafton CC, of course, again hosting the fabulous G-Bomb – among others – on November 8th and Nambucca will be rolling out another fantastic XxX at Jacks come 2015. While out Tamworth way, Daniel and Pauline Raffaele are putting together a suite of events in the rapidly emerging epicentre of northern inland mountain biking, starting with the Keepit Real on December 6th, through their fun-centric Switchback events. Add to that club-level events, the continuing strength of GNaTPACK and the Collective (and keep an eye out for Dozer and the Coffs crew for some upcoming Gravity gravitas), from the Tippies to Armidale and up to the Tweed, things look really sweet in northeastern NSW. What a fantastic change from 2004, when we first moved back to the area and regularly had to drive to Queensland for a race! We’d like to think we had a hand in that change.
So thanks a bunch comrades, for all the good times, the fun racing and putting up with my interminable fb posts and emails – we’ve had a blast.