GNaTPAC 2014


GNaTPAC 2014 wraps up

The last round of 2014 GNaTPACK Series was held to wide acclaim at the new Bago Vineyards track. Click HERE for the day’s results and HERE for the final series points tally

2014 – GNaTPACK  Round 5  – Attitude @ Altitude


A superb track and brilliant – read warm! – weather made for a great day racing at the Piney on August 31st. A quick, lupy 5km + circuit kept riders on their toes or on their butts. For results, follow the link:

 Round 4 – Grafton

Crystal clear sky, cool temperatures and a fantastic track at Bom Bom on Sunday 27th greeted over 100 riders at Grafton’s 2014 GNaTPAC round. Sadly, so did the news that one of the series stalwarts, Brian Cockbain, had died very suddenly the previous day. Inevitably, our day at Bom Bom became one of reflection, pretty much everyone there knew Brian – and if you knew him, he was a friend.

So it was tinged with sadness, yet, for me at least, it is impossible to think about Brian and be unhappy – that’s just the kind of memories I have, all happy, and it’s the kind of bloke he was. A terrific rider, competitive in the very best possible way and always fun to be around – even if he was having a bad day on the bike! So Bom Bom, a race that Brian was due to ride, became a great mtb community celebration of Brian. It was a sad day. It was a great day and the crew from Grafton did us all proud with a terrific event.

BrianPhoto courtesy of Bax – BAXOGRAPHY



 Joshua Macpherson gives us a super photo essay from GNaTPAC Round 3, Taree

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re liking what you see and maybe want to contact the photographer, here’s his email address:


Wrap of Round 2 of the GNaTPAC at Cows with Guns, Coffs Harbour, May 25th.

Fantastic track and weather made for a grand day out at Cows. There was some frantic racing, a few spills and plenty of smiles, and weary legs. On paper the course is not terribly demanding, without significant climbs… in reality, its a bit different 😉 Some riders found the going pretty tough, while others were able to use finesse to move smoothly over the rougher sections. Cows can fairly be described as an “old School” track, with a genuine natural terrain layout, and it gave plenty of smiles for old school riders. With about 75 riders on track plus a dirtmasters participation it was another great GNaTPAC Round. If you’d like some reults, please click:-  Category Results with Laps Coffs


LooFickled Fingerking for results from Nambucca?


Results with laps Nambucca


GNaTPAC dates 2014

Nambucca 27th April – 3hr

Coffs 25th May – 2hr

Taree 29th June – 2hr

Grafton 27th July – 3hr

Armidale 31st August – 2hr

Port 30th September – 3hr uncle Teddys

* OTHER 2014 RACE DATES ARE ON THE REFUSENIX EVENTS CALENDAR – Click on the “Events Calendar”  link at the top of the site *

In 2011 the MTB Clubs of Grafton, Nambucca, Taree, Port Macquarie, Armidale, Coffs Harbour and Kempsey formed a loose association to deliver the region-wide “GNaTPACK” series (an acronym from the town names, pronounced Natpack!). Building on 2010’s mid North Coast Series, the GNaTPACK rounds have expanded from 5 to 7, now including Nambucca and Taree in the fold. Each participating club, Kempsey-Macleay Off-Road Cyclists, Coffs Harbour CC, New England Mountain Bike Riders, Hastings Valley Mountain Bike Riders, Taree Tip Riders, Nambucca Mountain Bikers and Grafton CC, offers its own track for the series and is responsible for the organisation and running of its allocated round race, spread from Autumn to Spring. Each track on offer is different in layout, terrain and character from any other in the region, affording competing riders a fantastically varied riding experience as they travel from race to race. Rider participation is around 70-100 per race, with riders competing in either open or age categories for women, men and juniors. It is especially gratifying to organisers to witness a particular increase in the number and competetiveness of junior and women riders. Participation has not been limited to members from the constituent clubs and visitors from outside the region regularly compete. For more information on being involved with the participating clubs please contact them directly. For Results of concluded rounds, follow the links on this page, below. Final Results Nambucca, Round 1 2013 Final Results Taree, Round 2 2013 Final Results Coffs Harbour. Cows 22nd June 2013  Final Results Grafton. Bom Bom 23rd June 2013 Final Results Kempsey 2013 Final Results Port GNaTPacK 2013 Final Results, Round 7, Armidale 2013 Final Points Tally 2013 Club Point Score Points Tally 2013  Big thanks to Matt Benham and Bruce Pain for preparing the individual and club point scores!


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