Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Mountain Bike Club members are out there enjoying the bush year round. We meet regularly for casual relaxed racing and social rides on State Forest trails, cemtred around the iconic “Cows with Guns” trail network. Refer to site calendar for dates of events.

Race Formats

ENDURO events challenge riders to complete as many laps as possible in the time allocated – ie: 2, 3, 4, 6 hrs. You can ride solo or in a team, racing non stop or cruising and resting whenever you feel like it.

CROSS COUNTRY racing will have you graded A, B, C, or beginner, based on your ability. Each grade is allocated a number of laps to complete – the higher the grade, the more laps you do. The aim is to do your laps as fast as you can. First across the line is the winner.


There are plenty of tracks, trails and fireroads in the area but COWS WITH GUNS is the place we race. By any standard, it’s a quick, flowing and often tight track. Well groomed, there are rooty sections and a few log rollovers and trail features to keep riders on their toes and make up for the complete absence of rocks. We now have around 14km of trails, essentially rideable as a single lap, or in any direction and order you like. That said, we ask riders always to be aware that others might be coming the other way!.


  • When travelling from the north on the Pacific Highway, take the exit marked Archville Station Road. If approaching from the south take the Butlers Rd exit. This is actually the same road and it’s around 12km south of Coffs Harbour. proceed west – a right turn if you’ve come from the north, or a left turn from the south – to the junction with the Pine Creek Way (this was the old Pacific Highway, a few hundred meters west of the new divided road). Turn left and drive to Sid Burke Rest Area, at the top of the next hill, after a further 2km or so. You can either park here and ride or ride/drive along Hunters Rd to access Cows with Guns, as per the map above. Please note: the access trail along the fence line from Sid Burke Forest Park to Cows with Guns has been formally closed . Please do not attempt to ride around the “trail closed” signs. NPWS will prosecute anyone who is caught in contravention of the trail closure order.
  •  PLEASE NOTE that Pine Creek Way is currently closed south of Sid Burke Rest Area. You can still access Sid Burke Rest Area from the North.


  • The Pleasure and Pain Enduro is our annual headline event, rated as one of the most enjoyable MTB enduros in Oz. The Pleasure and Pain is set on a 25km fast & flowing circuit combining the Cows with Guns and “Ratchet” courses with a bunch more single track and the odd bit of fire road. Choose from 25km, 50km or 100km distances. Previous winners include Jason English, Trudy Nicholas, Craig Gordon and Sharon Heap. The Pleasure & Pain will be held on 11th of August 2013. Click on the link above for information and registration.

Membership and Event Costs

  • Annual Senior Membership $110 includes MTBA license – $120 as at 1/01/2011
  • Annual Junior (13-18yrs inclusive) Membership $85.00 includes MTBA icense – $90 as at 1/01/2011
  • Annual Dirtmasters (3-8yrs inclusive) Membership $45 includes MTBA license
  • CA & BMX Aust upgrade $45.00 – $50 as at 01/01/2011
  • Annual Social Membership $65.00
  • Day license available $15.00 – $20.00 as at 01/01/2011
  • Race Fees – $10 Adult, $5 junior and dirtmaster

Club Website – Contact the Club


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