Hastings Valley – Port Macquarie

The Hastings Valley Mountainbike Club – HVMTBR – serves the Hastings Valley/Port Macquarie area. HVMTBR is a strong and active group, with regular XC social rides and XC and Enduro club races. As well as hosting a GNaTPACK round, HVMTBR also hosts the Port 24 hour event each year – ideal for the insomniac rider. For more information check the link at the top of this site. The Club use a number of local trails, including the host track of the 24 hour:

Telegraph Point Mountain Bike Park

HVMTBR clubhouse is located by the Telegraph Point trails at the Charles Watt Memorial Community Sports Field. We have full facilities including a canteen and showers which is fully operational during races and the oval is floodlit. Visitors are able to camp on the oval when permission is given by council.


Wayne Richards’ Park

An urban MTB facility right in the middle of Port Macquarie, Wayne Richards Park is the very regular scene of club racing and riding. Known locally as WaRP, check out what happens there the the WaRP WEBSITE

HVMTBR Website is the pace to check the club and their calendar but if you want to get into the groove of fast=breaking news and general chat, have a look at the HVMTBR Facebook Page



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