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The Nambucca Valley Cycle Club’s super-loop at Jacks Ridge Trail is the newest addition to the ever-growing range of XC trails on the north coast. Located just west of Nambucca Heads, the local crew have worked hard to create a really sweet set of linked trails, combining the dual track of old forestry roads in the form of “The Roller-coaster” with purpose built, hand carved single track.

For the most part the loop is not too technically demanding. The emphasis here has been on flow, and flow it does. The well-drained soil is fantastically tractable, encouraging big railing turns through the trees. Useful structures provide access across fallen logs and gullies but if you fancy getting a little trickier then the lads have got the biggest log roll on the coast. A cleverly articulated pallet ramp gets you 2 metres into the air and perfectly set up for a 29 metre roll. Some deft chainsaw work has taken the rough bits and limbs off the top, so all you need is a bit of bottle. Do not be alamed, though, there IS a B-line.

Jacks Ridge XXX 2014

Beginning in 2013, the Nambucca Club have been hosting an annual 100km endurance lap race, the Jacks Ridge XXX. There are numerous categories, and 50km and 30km and teams’ options. It’s a fun race on a great track! If you’d like to know more about the Jacks XXX, click HERE

To get to the trailhead follow the map below, it details the best route whether you are coming from north or south. NVCC have regular social rides and a race calendar. To contact them, email:


When you arrive you can have a spin – here’s a trailmap to  get you started in the right  directi0n

Course Profile

Jacks Elevation


2 comments on “Nambucca

  1. Adrian says:

    Just wondering if you have s Dirt master division at your race in the middle of June???

    • Hi Adrian, sorry for the slow reply, been caught up over Easter. I don’t know about a Dirtmasters so I’ll pass the question on to the Nambucca Club organising team. 🙂 Cheers, Trevor

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