Blimey – it’s Refusenix Blighty!

After 5 years in the saddle, Comrades Sue and Trev are off and emigrating to the UK. So that’s nearly a wrap for Refusenix Racing! We’ve no more events in the pipeline, with Trevor heading to Blighty on September 14th and Sue following soon after. Having wound down Refusenix racing operations over the past six months or so, this very site will start morphing henceforth…

Obviously it’s not going to be at all practical to keep our local events calendar up to date and our club and trail information pages will become dated, so we’ll be pulling them fairly soon, rather than let them linger into stale irrelevance – definitely not the Refusenix way! With any luck, though, we’ll have te opportunity to extend the core Refusesenickery on the pages and maybe even maintain some kind of Euro blog – of little use to anyone and only interesting to diehard Refusenix – but there you have it!

We hope we’ve left plenty of fun memories from the events we have been involved in, run and participated in. While no one organiser has taken over the Refusenix mantle – and who could? 😉 – there’s now a plethora of good people running fantastic events up and down the coast. We’re super pleased to see plenty of great, strong clubs picking up the cudgels and pumping out the fun – Coffs CC are taking the new look Pleasure and Pain to the people on October 18th and 19th, Grafton CC, of course, again hosting the fabulous G-Bomb – among others – on November 8th and Nambucca will be rolling out another fantastic XxX at Jacks come 2015. While out Tamworth way, Daniel and Pauline Raffaele are putting together a suite of events in the rapidly emerging epicentre of northern inland mountain biking, satrting with the Keepit Real on December 6th, through their fun-centric Switchback events. Add to that club-level events, the continuing strength of GNaTPACK and the Collective (and keep an eye out for Dozer and the Coffs crew for some upcoming Gravity gravitas), from the Tippies to Armidale and up to the Tweed, things look really sweet in northeastern NSW. What a fantastic change from 2004, when we first moved back to the area and regularly had to drive to Queensland for a race! We’d like to think we had a hand in that change.

Last but, as they say in the classics, by no means least…. thanks everyone! Thanks for coming to the events we’ve run, thanks for the feedback, thanks for the races, thanks for the fun and thanks for being our comrades!


GNaTPAC 2014 wraps up

The last round of 2014 GNaTPACK Series was held to wide acclaim at the new Bago Vineyards track. Click HERE for the day’s results and HERE for the final series points tally

The Collective

The Collective points tally after the three rounds is in. A stunning victory for Coffs Harbour, though NVCC put up a great fight to take out the final round on home soil. Well done all concerned – a great fun way to ‘race’. For race results and pointscore, click  COLLECTIVE



Photography courtesy of Bax – BAXOGRAPHY

We had some very sad news a couple of weeks back that our old mate Brian Cockbain died very suddenly. Brian was one of the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet, a driving force behind the Nambucca Valley mountain bikers and the fabulous Jacks Ridge track as well as a stalwart of cycling on the mid north coast. While the Jacks Ridge mountain bike trails remain as a fantastic physical legacy to B.C., an even greater, though less tangible one is in the very many friends he has made, in mountain biking, road and track cycling, through his involvement in the surf club and rugby league club in Macksville and elsewhere. Brian was one of those people you might call magnetic – you only needed to meet him to call him a friend.

Farewell Brian, you’re a bloody top bloke.




GNaTPACK 2014 Points Tally after 3 rounds


Jacks Ridge XXX 2014 is done and dusted…

new logo

Results for the 2014 Jacks XxX… XxX 2014 Results by category


Smokin Konas

A great track, a great day and a great race at Coffs, Cows with Guns, May 25th. Here are the Results!

Category Results with Laps Coffs


Saturday the 17th, agreat day for the sisterhood at Cows! Through the morning we had a series of skills sessions aroud various features around the track. The afternoon got even better, with a women’s-only race. Great fun and great atmosphere!

The Ladies

Results Women at Cows


AND Morgan Pilley, Powellyand the Bom Bom crew did an AWESOME job on Sunday with….

Bom Bom Blitz

For those who were there – and there were 80 or 90 participants –  what a blast. THIS, my friends, is what wountain biking should look like. Fast, fun eliminator (the track made the Bright nationals and most World Cup courses – Cairns definitely excluded! – look like the boring, half-baked junk they are) and mass-participation XC with an excellent vibe. Let’s cross to Powelly for a bird’s eyeview…

Far out brussel sprout!
What a day!,
Is there a club in Australia who even tries to put on an event that they have never really seen before? ,outside a clip of a world cup event on sbs and invite kids to have a go at riding a track that’s a week old.The crew at bom bom racing do.

Just a bit of back ground on this event.Morgan Pilley and i got talking one afternoon after a social ride at bom bom with a group of kids early this year.He had an idea.
5 months of messages to and from italy and planning.
here we are!, On the day we were expecting maybe thirty riders,but we could get a hundred!was what i told him.
Hosting an event with so many variables can be a little daunting,and following through with the promises is at times a tough one.
This morning at about nine am when a posse of kids all under the age of 14 came rolling down the fully bunted track,morgan and i were in complete awe,we knew at this point it was on,literally for young and old.
The girls in the rego tent,did an awesome job,sorting out all the regos in the time it took Morgo to do a lap with the kids.80 plus riders,arranged and ready to go.super effort.
Jules,Shannon and Pam!
Now if you were up the top you would of seen how nervous Morgan and I were,as we sent the first group down,under 7s!
on that track!I don’t think we took a breath till we heard they were at the bottom.It didn’t get better because you all got faster.
And faster each round.
The rules are you cant over plan this stuff,and you just have to go with the flow,i must admit and i can vouch for all the volunteers – known affectionately as the bom bom racing crew,we had the time of our lives.One of the most pleasurable days on the bike,and we didn’t get on a bike all day!
The smiles on kids faces and hearing the stories and comments from them ,and seeing the confidence grow.Cool stuff.
After the eliminator and during the chook race the amount of people who came up to me,with words of thanks and so ,is something that i share with the crew,and the club.
However to be told by a well respected pioneer in Grafton mountain biking that “we have turned mountain biking on its head for kids, and mtba need to see this.”is well, not what i thought i would hear.
The person who needs thanking for this is the same guy who comes back to Grafton from Italy, and goes to schools telling kids to ride bikes and just be awesome and try to the best you can.This fellow has been known as “Australia’s best unknown mountain biker”(as he doesn’t compete in the Australian circuit)I know him as,a mentor to 2 awesome young nrs riders,a professional who wants to see kids on bikes,having a ball,and a dude who as approachable as,with any age group.

if you are new to a chook race,and rode your first one, congratulations!you will be hooked,the results should be posted up tomorrow afternoon,sorry for the delay,its been a big day!
we’ll also post up the results from the eliminator event. well done to all participants.
id like to thank the bom bom crew for their tireless efforts to host an event, they are Nick,Rick,Ben,Jules, Seary, Nat,Pam,Whitey,Browny, Nigel,Bellsy, Morgo(the newest inductee)Jamie,Jules’ dad,Benny Bellringer(for the results tomorrow)and lastly Shannon.
If I’ve missed someone,so sorry you all deserve a mention.Because without these people who give up days,(not hours,)mountain biking would not exist in Grafton.
Also Koffee4u- i love you,I also owe you for 3 coffees:),we will get him back.For sure!
Winding up,mum and dad,get your kids on bikes,bring them out,join our club,Grafton Cycle Club,one of the oldest cycle clubs in the country and one of the best clubs to develope bike riders, with 3 current National road series riders on Australia”s top circuit,and one Australian representative and international rider in our ranks,not to mention some of the most relaxed mountain bike guys and girls in the club.whats not to love?
Thank you for coming,thank you Morgan,thank you Grafton cycle club

Morgan and Kids

and then….



For the essence of REFUSENIX, look no further than our youngest Comrade, Jack Davis, as he puts his 20″ thru its paces at Bom Bom…


Refusenix Racing is an anarcho-syndicalist event organising commune based in Repton, northern NSW. We aim to promote rider-focused events in Cross-Country and Gravity disciplines. Our long-term objective is the avoidance of “Me Too” cargo-cult events and world domination through the insidious and simultaneous undermining of Western Capitalist dogma and their running-dog 29 inch wheels.

Those less ideologically inclined will also find the results for the 2012 Port Macquarie 24 hour and 2012 Pleasure and Pain MTB  races, a calendar of events for mid north and north coast NSW and maybe other stuff, too, by clicking on the links above.

Comrade Vladimir

Jack at Bom Bom sml from Trevor Creighton on Vimeo.


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