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Round 3, Jacks Ridge August 10

Another cracking collective round at Jacks Ridge on Sunday, August 10th. Sun was shining and the track was dry and fast – whoot! Well done NVCC on a sterling morning’s ride and fantastic to see many, many new riders out there…

The Collective points tally after the three rounds is now in. A stunning victory for Coffs Harbour, though NVCC put up a great fight to take out the final round on home soil. Well done all concerned – a great fun way to ‘race’. The question is, does it end here for 2014 or do we do it al again. Well, we’ll leave that up to you, cause we’re buggering off. Feast you eyes on all the results data…

Collective results by category_Nambucca

Collective overall final results_Nambucca

Collective fastest female laps_Nambucca

Collective fastest male laps Nambucca

Points Tally After Round 3


About the Collective

This is an interclub series with a difference, involving Coffs, Nambucca and Grafton Clubs. We’re turning mountain biking as we know it on its head. These events will be focussed on kids, family participation and friendly interclub rivalry.

Round 2 of the Collective was a corker at Grafton on July 6th, weather fine, track good, as Johnny Tapp would say. But maybe it’s more appropriate, Grafton Racing Carnival notwithstandng, for Mick Powell to make the call…

How good was today?
Seriously the idea behind ‘the collective’ was to bring the key words, fun, social, family, and kids,back into mountain biking.
To summarise today’s events would require far too many words to type on a smart phone.but I’m gunna try!
With a westerly wind present enough to keep the coffee van man interested. Enough heat from the sun to not know if it was cold or warm it produced a lovely day for all things bikes.
The future in mtb is growing- rapidly, with the largest dirt masters field Grafton has ever held.
It is really special to watch the groms, line up, apprehensive to start,not knowing what is ahead of them. Then to give it their all. Then afterwards when it’s all over, all riders getting a medal! Thank you Grafton cycle club for supporting the medals for kids idea.
One young fella went out for another lap! Older Kids having their own race is a first for Grafton and Mark White has kicked off the way it will be.(gnatpac excluded)
The parents love it, the kids love it,the punters love just being there.
Bom bom racing and Mark White (mainly )had put in a healthy amount of preparation to ensure the trails were of suitable length, difficulty and different to what we usually run.we are blessed with a awesome crew of nutters who do an amazing job of making testing times look casual and rehearsed.(broken arms and all)to all the volunteers at the events we hold, thank you for your time. Without you their is no trails, no events,no juniors.
But finally at the end of the day to see that a young Fergus McQueen, won the big kids race, shows how important the support and development of the junior ranks are!
Now to focus on the next event -the bom bom round of the gnatpac.
To the extended family that is the mountain bike riders who support the clubs- we look forward to hosting another race with mates for you
See you at the end of the month.
Cheers mick

Here’s a look at the individual results, thanks to the White Family for a big day of commissairial and timing duties! Nice riding, too, from Coffs Harbour star recruit Mel Grant in her first outing for her new club…..

U13s/U15s Results:

Open Results:


In case you’re wondering, here’s how the points were tallied: Every junior entrant from one of the affiliated Clubs (Coffs, Grafton, Nambucca) earns 2 points for participation plus bonus points for their class position, based on the number in that class.
Every adult entrant from one of the affiliated Clubs (Coffs, Grafton, Nambucca) earns 1 point for participation plus bonus points for their class position, based on the number in that class.

The number of points earned for first in Class is based on the basic 1 point per rider (seniors) or 2 points per rider (juniors) x the number of people in the class.

e.g 1st Place, Open 2 laps, 6 people in class – 6 x 1 =
1st 6pts for your club
2nd 5pts
3rd 4pts
4th 3pts
5th 2pts
6th 1pts

Same formula for juniors but they get double points – for once, something extra for them!


The Series Goals in Summary:

At the end of the races we’ll be announcing category results but the emphasis is on the fun. Points will be awarded to Clubs and a tally will be kept for the series. Every rider will get points for their club, the number of points based on position finished relative to number in category. Juniors (16 and under) get double points and participant event riders will also get points for their club (if they are members) or, can nominate a club to which their points can go. Anyone is welcome to race but non-members of the three participating clubs don’t get club points.

We are looking to get some new blood into the sport and even get some old blood back. This series will offer riding and racing choices that might have slipped off the calendar. Let’s try a format that doesn’t demand too much of everyone’s endurance, where riders of a wide range of ages and abilities are catered for and welcomed. Tell your kids and cobbers to get along. We’ll fire up the barbie after it’s done and dusted, hang out and talk rubbish!


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